Tank Cleaning


1| Survey

The objective of site survey:

To assess plot plan area

To ensure completed dimension of tank (manhole, drain line,flange or valve)

To calculate the amount of waste

To fulfill Health,
Safety & Environment (HSE)
requirement needed

Infrared thermal imaging scan is provided before Waste Recovery program in order to ensure sludge recovery and analyze potential problems.

Thermal Imaging

We offer infrared imaging scan, to estimate and calculate remining content in the tank, potential sign for repair plan , hot spot.

Determine how many sludge on the tank for auditable sludge volume.

Infrared Thermography is a non-destructive test that uses an infrared camera to measure radiant heat pattern emitted from mechanical & electrical equipments. The difference in temperature from its normal surrounding will determine the region of possible defects such as leak, crack, material defects, etc.

Vessel or pipes that contain liquid or gas with higher or lower temperature than ambient or room temperature are subject of this infrared test. Defective area in pipe insulation such as: insulation material defects, missing insulation and water trap inside insulation will emit radiant heat or cool thermal pattern that is different from the normal area surrounding it.

Benefit :

Figuring out sludge profile inside
the storage tank by analyzing
differences in temperature

Helping individual to know the boundary between sludge and other liquid in the tank

Measuring the height of the sludge

Calculating estimate volume
of sludge in storage tank

2| Close Loop System

The objective of site survey:

Pumping out contained liquid phase from the tank

Pneumatic pumping system to carry out liquid sludge from tank