Non Chemical Oil/Water Separators

The UNIMAX™ system, by contrast, uses cyclonic separation principles that rely primarily upon centrifu-gal force to more effectively separate the mixture.
Conventional separating processes are based on gravity settling and the gravity difference between oil and water.
UNIMAX™ can be adapted to suit changes in production,
The compact design and high hydraulic loading capability provide capital and operating savings over conventional processes.
UNIMAX™ is ideal for the following applications:

* UNIMAX™ Multiphase Dewatering

UNIMAX™ Cyclonic Separation has several advantages over gravity based settling systems.
Here are just a few to consider:

* UNIMAX™ Dewatering Performance

UNIMAX™ is best utilized in Dewatering flows located close to producing wells prior to Group Line transport or as an Inlet Separation (FWKO) meaning ahead of Oil Treaters
In either application, Dewatering using the UNIMAX™ technology is targeted at removing a minimum of 85% to 95% of free water volumes.
This results in a significant reduction in fluid volumes to existing facilities.