Dowtec started a Research & Development programme in year 2006 to develop a customized treatment process for Produced Water with the following objectives:
The result of the R&D programme is a novel treatment process which combines electrolytic treatment with physical separation - DECORE + POREFLON
The  DECORE + POREFLON Technology has been field proven in treating produced water at Oil field with excellent results.
Typical Water Quality After  DECORE + POREFLON :
DECORE + POREFLON has the following advantages :


The DECORE system is development based on three fundamental technologies: Electrochemis-try, Coagulation and Flotation.
The DECORE reactor consists of two zones: Electro-Coagulation (EC) zone and Electro-Floatation (EF) zone,
In the EC reaction zone, oxidation, formation of metal hydroxides and active free radicals, coagulation, flocculation, and floatation occur simultaneously. Electrolytic cells are used with each cell containing an anode and a cathode, where separate oxidation and reduction reactions occur respectively. In the anode, several oxidation reactions occur, which produce metal hydroxides and chlorine. Smaller organic substances can be destructed by the oxida-tions. Organic wastes with large molecular size can be removed by the coagulation caused be the metal hydroxides. Water of disinfected due to the production of free radicals and chlo-rine.
In the EF or separation zone, several electrodes are used for generation of micro-bubbles to further enhance solid- liquid separation. These micro-bubbles serve two purposes: create turbulence in the system to enhance mixing and transport insoluble coagulated particles to the surface with great efficiency.
DECORE is highly customized technology to treat produced water at high flow rate. The de-sign balances the electrode consumption, hydraulic retention time and energy consumption to achieve maximum treatment efficiency at maximum operational costs.


POREFLON is the only hollow fiber membrane made of PTEE material in the world.
What is PTEE?
Why PTEE membrane for produced water?
Because of its:

With DECORE + POREFLON technology, the produced water is no longer a waste stream that requires expensive and problematic disposal. The treated water is not only environmental friendly and safe to dispose, it is now possible to turn it into a value stream.