We offer high quality products and services which range from tank cleaning service and oil recovery,
water and waste water treatment system and aeration solutions for biological waste water treatment.
CIC tank cleaning process based on minimum human entry consists of equipment that are intrigue safe. The cleaning agent which being used is biodegradable, not corrosive to human eyes and/or skin and does not affect or damage any other materials such as plastics or metals. This also emphasising with environmental aspects, as well as HSE compliances.

*Why Clean Tanks and Recover Hydrocarbons with CIC Way?

CIC ‘s Tank Cleaning Crews And Equipments

The process of our tank cleaning using sophisticated action and mix with our special chemical, as the result it enable to separate between oil, water and solid phase.
It is very efficient in timing of cleaning the tank compare to conventional system.
Ultimately, creates a more effective revenue stream and environmentally sound.

Our Methodology And Work Flow

*Initial & Survey

Determine how many sludge on the tank for auditable sludge volume.

*Desludging And Oil Recovery


*Sludge Treatment Flow Diagram

*HSE Standard and Highly Trained manpower

  1. Certified training team member.
  2. High HSE Standard operation.
  3. Sophisticated and Atex certificate equipment So Can be use in Clas 1 Division 1 Zone ( Explotion Proof)
  4. High in experience